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6 Sources of Stem Cells

In the early stages of stem cell research, bone marrow was the sole source. Since then a number of other sources have been found to contain stem cells.

Bone marrow stem cell usually come from the long bones. The best sources are pelvic bones, femur and sheen bone. The bone marrow stem cells are adult stem cells and therefore not as diversified and potent to differentiate as compared to embryonic stem cells.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells are obtained from the umbilical cord blood, which are collected just after the birth of the baby.

Embryonic cells are obtained from the blastocyst phase of the embryo. Cells are highly efficient in producing newer types of cells.

Placental stem cells provide almost all the life supports to keep a baby alive. After birth it has been found to give rise to more number of stem cells as compared to embryonic stem cells.

Menstrual stem cells have an extra-ordinary improvement over the umbilical cord blood cells. They have a rapid growth rate.

Dental stem cells are cells obtained from tooth pulp generally from babies or from wisdom teeth. This has been found to produce bones, cartilage, muscle cells if cultured.

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Cord Blood America Recieves 2.3 Million For Stem Cell Lab

Cord Blood America, an umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company, has received a commitment for up to $2.3 million to either buy or build its own laboratory for the purpose of storing of multiple stem cell products including umbilical cord blood stem cells. About $300,000 of the funding has already been received by the Cord Blood America to begin the laboratory purchase or construction, with the additional $2 million to be paid out in future installments.

Matthew Schissler, founder and CEO of Cord Blood America, said: “The funding is from a private, institutional investor and allows us to focus even further on our due diligence efforts that I announced earlier. Certain properties of the funding will be recorded as both an asset and a liability on our books.”

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