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Cord Blood Transplants For Tay-Sachs Disease

An unrelated umbilical cord blood transplant is basically a variation of the standard bone marrow transplant. The advantage of an umbilical cord transplant is it is far easier to match to a patient. Bone marrow transplants need nearly exact matches to prevent significant graph versus host rejection.

The two hospitals best known for cord blood transplants are the University of Minnesota and Duke Medical Center. Duke Medical Center does approximately 100 transplants a year – everything from leukemia to lysosomal storage diseases. There have only been a handful of Tay-Sachs children transplanted. To most success transplant is a child named Jordan Lehman – he was transplanted at 14 month and at age 8 is actually gaining skills.

Additionally Hunter Combs is now eight years old after being tranplanted at 14 months. We believe surviving over 8 years of age with Infantile Tay-Sachs disease has never been done before.

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