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6 Sources of Stem Cells

In the early stages of stem cell research, bone marrow was the sole source. Since then a number of other sources have been found to contain stem cells.

Bone marrow stem cell usually come from the long bones. The best sources are pelvic bones, femur and sheen bone. The bone marrow stem cells are adult stem cells and therefore not as diversified and potent to differentiate as compared to embryonic stem cells.

Umbilical cord blood stem cells are obtained from the umbilical cord blood, which are collected just after the birth of the baby.

Embryonic cells are obtained from the blastocyst phase of the embryo. Cells are highly efficient in producing newer types of cells.

Placental stem cells provide almost all the life supports to keep a baby alive. After birth it has been found to give rise to more number of stem cells as compared to embryonic stem cells.

Menstrual stem cells have an extra-ordinary improvement over the umbilical cord blood cells. They have a rapid growth rate.

Dental stem cells are cells obtained from tooth pulp generally from babies or from wisdom teeth. This has been found to produce bones, cartilage, muscle cells if cultured.

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Harvesting Stem Cells From Menstrual Blood

Umbilical cord stem cells have been used to treat a number of illnesses including lymphoma, leukemia, sickle cell anemia, neuroblastoma and other serious ailments. There were actually more than 10,000 transplants worldwide where these stem cells were used. Although these stem cells are readily available, easy to collect and cryopreserve (freeze), they can only be collected at birth and do not carry the sufficient number of stem cells required for transplantation to treat a fully grown adult. These issues have led scientists to focus on identifying new ways to enhance cord blood stem cells.

Recently, it was announced in a CryoCell Press Release that using harvested cells from menstrual blood and adding them to the cord blood cells significantly increases the number of progenitor cells. The progenitor are cells that grow into mature blood cells. This expansion technique greatly helps in providing a larger supply of stem cells for transplantation and could broaden its therapeutic use.

Celle, a new service introduced by Cryo-Cell is the first and only service that allows women to collect and preserve menstrual blood, which contains undifferentiated adult stem cells that can be utilized for future use by the donor and the donor’s close relatives. Cryo-Cell is doing more research with skilled scientists to expand the possibilities of regenerative therapeutic development.

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