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Canadian Cord Blood Bank Puts Families First

In 2004, Insception partnered with the Toronto Cord Blood Program, Canada’s longest-running cord blood bank. The bank had previously only worked with Mount Sinai and saw the partnership with Insception as an opportunity to enhance their program.

Today, Insception and the Toronto Cord Blood Program banks over 32 000 samples of cord blood. With the largest number of banked cord blood units in Canada, Insception is easily one of the most experienced and established cord blood programs.

Successful transplants are an accurate measure of a cord blood bank’s quality, and Insception demonstrates excellence in its field as the company has released several cord blood units for transplant. Over the years, 10 children have received cord blood transplants to treat a myriad of diseases, including Retinoblastoma, Leukemia and Fanconi Anemia. 7 units have also been released for use in cellular therapy clinical trials for Type 1 diabetes and Cerebral Palsy.

The cord blood program also exhibits an unprecedented focus on the customer experience. With the Wings of Hope: Medical Need Program, Insception offers support to families that present a high likelihood of requiring a stem cell transplant. As part of the program, Insception will waive the initial banking fee, giving low-income families otherwise unobtainable access to the valuable ‘insurance policy’ that cord blood banking provides.

Insception also offers one of the only payment plans available in the Biosciences industry. With the Peace of Mind Plan, expecting parents can make the banking process far more affordable than they ever thought possible. They are guaranteed storage for 18 years, without having to pay any upfront fees. With monthly payments of $75, Insception makes cord blood banking an attainable prospect for families with varying budgetary restrictions.

The company continues to expand, as Insception welcomes cord blood units from each and every hospital in Canada. The company has recently launched a new office in Alberta and hopes to expand even further in the future.

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