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Cord Blood America Signs DNA Testing Deal

Cord Blood America announced that within 90 days it will begin selling DNA Predisposition testing services in conjunction with The DNA Shop.

The test involves taking a couple of droplets of blood from both mother’s blood draw, and from baby’s umbilical cord blood, for testing purposes. CBAI currently collects maternal blood samples with the umbilical cord blood at the time of birth, so this process will require almost no additional time or materials cost. A single finger prick of blood will be collected and tested from other family members also wishing to have these testing services.

The DNA is then analyzed for predisposition to 25 diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, obesity and seven different types of cancer, including breast, lung, skin and prostate.

“DNA testing and HLA typing services are a natural progression from storing cord blood stem cells. The parents will now know proclivity to certain diseases for the child,” said Matthew Schissler, co-founder and CEO. “Knowing what serious medical conditions or diseases a person is predisposed to will allow for that person to take steps to prevent the disease and to make informed choices about lifestyle and the need for medical screenings.”


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Biocells Inc Acquired By Cord Blood America

Cord Blood America has recently announced that all preliminary due diligence is now complete for the acquisition of controlling interest in BioCells, Inc.

BioCells is headquartered in Argentina, with affiliates under development in Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Panama and Puerto Rico. The company is the second largest stem cell storage company in Argentina, and is considered to be profitable, with annual revenues of $1.2 million in 2009 according to a press release regarding the acquisition. The company also has 12 locations throughout Argentina, plus a recent expansion into Uruguay and Paraguay.

On April 19, 2010, Cord Blood America announced that a letter of intent had been signed by both companies for Cord Blood America to purchase controlling interest in BioCells.

“We are very confident that this acquisition will close by the end of August,” said Matthew Schissler, Cord Blood America co-founder and CEO. “Having controlling interest in BioCells will significantly boost our bottom line by one to one and a half million dollars annually. It’s a historic day when CBAI can add a profitable entity to its family of companies. It is our goal to build Cord Blood America into the world’s premier stem cell storage company, with current transactions being completed in Germany, as a foundation for all of Europe, and in China.”

The acquisition is expected to be closed no later than August 31, 2010.


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Cord Blood America’s “Afford-A-Cord” Program

Cord Blood America announced this week that its maverick “Afford-A-Cord” program, which reduces the initial cost of storing umbilical cord blood stem cells from $2075 to $495 plus medical courier service, will be launched on June 14, 2010 rather than July 1, 2010, as previously announced.

“Because of the overwhelmingly positive response to CBAI’s initial announcement, we pushed the last two weeks to launch early. It wouldn’t be fair for a parent to miss out on the program because of simple lag time. We have been able to button up all the details on the plan, which we believe will allow more people to take advantage of this important medical insurance policy,” said Matthew Schissler, Cord Blood America co-founder and CEO.

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Cord Blood America Providing Placentas for Transplants

Cord Blood America, the umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company announced today that it has signed a Definitive Supplier Agreement with an accredited tissue bank which provides placenta collection services for therapeutic transplantation.

There has been mounting research showing that there are a lot of viable stem cells in the placenta and they can be safely extracted for transplantation. The stem cells can be used to cure chronic blood-related disorders such as sickle cell disease, thalassemia and leukemia, to name just a few.

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Cord Blood America Lab Opening in October

The Santa Monica, California-based company, Cord Blood America, has begun construction on a $500,000 laboratory to process umbilical cord blood collected at a baby’s birth and then store it at extremely cold temperatures. The lab, located in a business park, is on track for an October completion but will not go into operation until it has passed a U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspection.

There are around thirty private cord blood banks across the country, where cord blood is stored for autologous use at an cost that generally exceeds $1500 plus an annual fee of at least $100. Cord Blood America has set its prices at $2075 plus $125 annually.

“Private banking insures that you have stem cells that are a perfect match,” Cord Blood America CEO Matthew Schissler said. “You don’t have to go looking for the match.”

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Cord Blood America’s Preferred Pricing for Blue Cross

Cord Blood America, Inc, the umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company focused on bringing the life saving potential of stem cells to families nationwide and internationally, announced today the participation of its subsidiary CorCell Companies, Inc., in the MyHealth Mart Value-Added Discount Program for members of Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania to access cord blood banking services at a preferred price. The MyHealth Mart Value-Added Discount Program is administered by AllOne Health Management Solutions, Inc. for Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

“Participation in this program allows CorCell to bring the knowledge and awareness of the significant value of storing umbilical cord blood to Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania members,” said Matt Schissler, CorCell’s CEO. “We are pleased that we can offer this important life-saving service to their members at a discounted price.”

Cord blood stem cells may be used today to treat more than 70 diseases including leukemia, severe anemia, metabolic blood disorders and immune deficiencies with many additional uses currently under investigation in clinical trials and in research and development. Previously the umbilical cord, which contains a rich store of stem cells, had been thrown away at birth.

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Cord Blood America’s New Management For Stem Cell Laboratory

Cord Blood America announced today it has hired Immunologist Dr. Geoffrey John O’Neill as its new Laboratory Director and Brian Pockett as Vice President of Laboratory Operations.

Cord Blood America recently announced it is opening a state-of-the-art laboratory for the storage of multiple stem cell products, including umbilical cord blood stem cells, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We are pleased that two such distinguished, experienced, successful professionals will be overseeing our new lab,” said Company founder and CEO Matthew Schissler. “The lab will be used to process and store umbilical cord blood stem cells, to store other forms of stem cells such as peripheral blood stem cell and adipose tissues, and for research and product development.”

Dr. O’Neill was Laboratory and Scientific/Medical Director for Cryo-Cell International Inc. in Florida and was Laboratory Director for the Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc., a San Diego biotech research and development firm in the stem cell sector.

Brian Pockett served as a consultant on global distribution, product development, commercialization, investment and intellectual properties for some of the largest companies in the U.S. He also served as Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer for Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc.

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Cord Blood America Recieves 2.3 Million For Stem Cell Lab

Cord Blood America, an umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company, has received a commitment for up to $2.3 million to either buy or build its own laboratory for the purpose of storing of multiple stem cell products including umbilical cord blood stem cells. About $300,000 of the funding has already been received by the Cord Blood America to begin the laboratory purchase or construction, with the additional $2 million to be paid out in future installments.

Matthew Schissler, founder and CEO of Cord Blood America, said: “The funding is from a private, institutional investor and allows us to focus even further on our due diligence efforts that I announced earlier. Certain properties of the funding will be recorded as both an asset and a liability on our books.”

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