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Cord Blood Banking in Canada

Cord blood banking is becoming increasingly popular in Canada, especially the cord blood Toronto market. Several hospitals and charities across the city are dedicated to informing expecting parents about the benefits of banking their children’s cord blood.

There are also many family banks across the country at large that privately bank cord blood units. Currently, there is no public donation option available in Canada, so parents who wish to store their children’s cord blood must do so privately.

However, the government has launched a new initiative that will see the establishment of a national public cord blood bank. Over the next 8 years, $42 million will be spending on the construction and establishment of a cord blood bank to which parents can donate their children’s umbilical cord blood. Over the next two years, a facility will be built in Ottawa – followed by facilities in Vancouver, Toronto and Edmonton.

In the meantime, parents can bank their children’s cord blood at private banks across the country. Cord blood banks in Insception offer parents affordable payment plans, in order to make the decision of whether or not to bank their children’s cord blood much easier.

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