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America Stem Cell Inc Awarded $2.5 M From TX Fund

America Stem Cell announced today that they’ve been awarded $2.5 million from the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund. This investment will allow the stem cell research company to spped the development of its breakthrough enzyme technology to enhance the homing and engraftment of cord blood stem cells and achieve improved clinical outcomes for cancer patients receiving these stem cell transplants.

“Texas is the best state in the nation to live, work and do business, and the ETF is helping supercharge our technology environment by bringing Texans’ good ideas and hard work to the marketplace,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry said. “This investment demonstrates our commitment to improving the lives of cancer patients by developing innovative cord blood stem cell technology, while protecting the unborn from exploitation.”

America Stem Cell’s enzyme treatment could transform cord blood stem cell engraftment, speed patients’ immune system and platelet recovery, reduce opportunistic infections and improve cord blood stem cell transplant patient survival and quality of life. This enzyme treatment will enable the tens of thousands of adult cancer patients in the U.S. to be treated quickly with umbilical cord blood, versus enduring what is often a long and futile wait for matching marrow or peripheral blood stem cells, during which time many patients die needlessly.

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