New Ethics Criteria Threatens Stem Cell Research

stem cell research

Earlier this year, President Obama lifted restrictions on federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research with many scientists hailing the decision as a fantastic boost for stem cell research, one of the most promising fields of research in medicine.

Since that signing, there have been several that have concluded that the plan could have the opposite effect, putting off-limits for federal support much of the research underway, including work that the Bush administration endorsed. “We’re very concerned,” said Amy Comstock Rick, chief executive of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research, “If they don’t change this, very little current research would be eligible. It’s a huge issue.”

The main concern is the focus on strict new ethics criteria that the National Institutes of Health has proposed. Current advocates of stem cell research say that the majority of the research being done in the field at this time has passed close scrutiny but that the procedures varied and usually did not match the details specified in these newly proposed guidelines.

“It’s not that past practices were shoddy,” said Lawrence S. Goldstein, director of the stem cell program at the University of California at San Diego. “But they don’t necessarily meet every letter of the new guidelines moving forward. We’d have to throw everything out and start all over again.”

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  1. Matt Schissler Says:

    Any and all research done on this industry is a benefit to mankind, since we are talking about possible treatments for such deadly diseases as cancer, heart disease in addition to new research being done on possibly mending of the bones for all age groups!
    Cord Blood America focus more on the storage of umbilical cords after the birth of a child.

    Thanks for this great article!


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