Foundation Donates $10M To Umbilical Stem Cell Research at Duke

duke university stem cell

The foundation established by Julian Robertson has donated $10.2 million dollars to the Duke University in North Carolina for their progressing study about treating children suffering from cerebral palsy with the help of umbilical cord stem cells.

The Robertson Foundation grant was recently revealed in a press release and announcement by Duke University. The announcement stated that the money will help the research being conducted Dr. Joanna Kurtzberg.

The new Translational Cell Therapy Center at Duke University will be launched wit the assistance of this sizable donation. It will go towards the finding of, and the subsequent treatiment cancer and genetic disorders by umbilical cord cells.

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  1. Paul Goldheart Says:

    If Duke does a research to treat CP in children, Is starting using donated umbilicol cord blood yet. They should by now. I am in desperate need to try this since they told me “we don’t use donated umbilical cord only if you saved your son’s ” Pretty nice? I don’t have that.I did not know. But since the blood cord is donated now they should start this study .
    Anybody can help me please/ Where can I go?
    Drums, PA.

  2. Paul Goldheart Says:

    Does anybody know if Duke will or has started or contemplating starting this new study with donated umbilical cord blood for CP ?
    Thanks again.

  3. jay Says:

    I’m with you Paul. We are praying for this too.

  4. Helena Bonner Says:

    Yes this has started- see

  5. Mirza H H Baig Says:

    Treatment of CP in children, using donated umbilicol cord blood, we may resonably expect to start very soon. we learnt that currently First FDA approved clinical trial on 40 CP children is being conducted at Medical College of Georgia,Augusta GA,(Dr James Carrol ) with chidren’s own preseved cord blood cells.After confirming the benefits they may turn to other adult stem cells Let us pray for their success.Dr Joanne Kurzberg( Duke University North Carolina) pioneered the use of donated cord blood back in 1993 ( not on CP )so there is no reason not to have high hopes for the cure of our children. Just be patient

  6. Albert Says:

    Dr. James Carroll from Medical School of Georgia is considering a new clinical trial in 2011 using multi-stems from a company called Athersys inc. Apparently, this company can produce stem cells from donors that do not need matching with patient. It is like off the shelf type of stem cells. This is huge!

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