Your Heritage and Cord Blood

Your Heritage and Cord Blood

A successful transplant requires that the patient and the donor have matching HLA types. HLA types are inherited, half from your mother and half from your father. The probability that two siblings will have a perfect 6/6 match desired for a bone marrow transplant is 25%, whereas the probability that they will have the 4/6 match required for a cord blood transplant is 39%.
Given that HLA types are inherited, you certainly expect that your relatives will match you more closely than a stranger.
In fact, HLA typing tends to run in ethnic groups, so that patients are more likely to find a match among donors of the same ethnic background.

Africans have more genetic diversity than any other ethnic group. The NMDP estimates that even if the number of African-Americans in the United States who registered as adult donors were doubled or tripled, they still could not match all the African-American patients. Another group which is not well represented in the registry of adult donors is multi-racial Americans, most of whom are not yet adults.

Cord blood holds hope for all patients with hard-to-match HLA types, because cord blood transplants only require a 4/6 match, not a perfect match.

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  1. Russ Says:

    Time and time again, you hear about donating blood and not enough people do it. People get out there DONATE!

  2. Dan Says:

    Hey Russ… I agree with you… its so important for curing some of the world’s deadliest deseases….

  3. michelleclark Says:

    Who in Albuquerque, NM or surrounding areas can we meet with to obtain accurate information regarding cord blood donations from a sibling to our newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic son? Have all studies thus far only lessened the insulin needs rather than cured?

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