Considering Cord Blood Donation?

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Cord Blood Donation is a completely safe and harmless procedure that can be done at the time of birth of your baby and the stem cells can be used to treat people who are suffering from leukaemia, lymphoma and a host of other illnesses. Umbilical Cord Blood is high in stem cells and there is more and more research being done regarding the use of stem cells in helping to cure a number of diseases including Autoimmune Diseases, Cerebral Palsy, Critical Limb Ischemia, Degenerative Joint Disease, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Spinal Injuries – to name just a few.

Consider discussing the donation of your cord blood with your obstetrician. A small procedure could save thousands of lives, possibly even your own or your child’s in the future. To donate cord blood you will need to be at least 36 weeks into your pregnancy and not have a multiple pregnancy (e.g. twins).

You must check if the hospital or birth centre you have chosen to deliver your baby participates in an umbilical cord blood donation or cord blood storage program. If you wish to consider being a cord blood donor you will need to make this decision well in advance of your expected date for delivery.

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  1. onmymind Says:

    I was just looking into this — unfortunately my hospital doesn’t seem to do it. And, I’m already 35 weeks — but I’d highly encourage others to do it from at I’ve read.

  2. ramona Says:

    im looking for some answers to my school work sheet
    my task is to research different kinds of cells

    my intent is We are learning to identify different kinds of cells :P
    help me out.:)

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