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Scientists Turn Cord Blood Cells into Stem Cells

Researchers at the Salk Institute have released a statement that says they’ve reprogrammed cord blood cells to make them extremely similar to embryonic stem cells. Stem cells can potentially become any tissue in the body, and embryonic stem cells are controversial because you have to utilize embryos to get them. Using reprogrammed adult stem cells [...]

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Umbilical Cords – Unlimited Stem Cell Source?

Canadian researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto have found that the umbilical cord, which is usually discarded after the cord blood has been harvested for future use, in fact has the potential to become a “virtually inexhaustible” source of mesenchymal stem cells that could help researchers avoid the ethical debate surrounding embryonic stem cells. [...]

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Placental Stem Cells Study in Oakland

A recent study being conducted by Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland is the first to show findings from a new source for harvesting stem cells from a woman’s placenta, or more specifically the discarded placentas of healthy newborns. The study also finds there are a lot more stem cells in placentas than in umbilical [...]

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Cord Blood America Recieves 2.3 Million For Stem Cell Lab

Cord Blood America, an umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company, has received a commitment for up to $2.3 million to either buy or build its own laboratory for the purpose of storing of multiple stem cell products including umbilical cord blood stem cells. About $300,000 of the funding has already been received by the [...]

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Umbilical Cord Blood Harvesting

It is a prerequisite to create awareness about the procedure of cord blood harvesting to the parents while promoting the advantages of the umbilical cord blood. Many parents fear that cord blood collection might harm the child or the mother. But the truth is the collection of cord blood does not harm the mother or [...]

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