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Sarah Cohen

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Sarah Cohen

As a registered nurse, and mother of two, I started this site with my partner Dan to help increase awareness about stem cell research and umbilical cord blood donation. All pregnant women should know that saving cord blood saves lives. My son Liam is living proof. It’s been three years since his older brother James had a stem cell transplant using his brother’s cord blood. With childhood leukemia now far behind him, James is happy and healthy, thanks to the cord blood we stored when Liam was born.

There is a great deal of misinformation out there and most of it has more to do with politics than the health of children. When it comes to discussing stem cell research and cord blood donation, the aim of this website is to present the facts, and the information parents need to make informed decisions. Decisions that could one day save the life of a child.

Dan GoldbergDan Goldberg

Webmaster/Technical Support

I am on the backend ‘technical’ side of this website about stem cell research and umbilical cord blood.   I too have been dealt a hand similar as Sarah which affected my young daughter last year.   I think that this topic is one of the most important topics in preventative healthcare today.

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