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Cutting Umbilical Cord Too Early Eliminates Stem Cells

Delaying clamping the umbilical cord at a baby’s birth could result in a number of positive things, according to researchers at the University of South Florida’s Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair. They say that clamping should be delayed for at least a few minutes longer after birth. This new recommendation published in [...]

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Using Pig Embryos To Create Stem Cells

Dr. Steve Stice, director of the University of Georgia Regenerative Bioscience Center, and his team took a bone marrow cell from a pig and injected six new genes, which made it turn into an embryo-like cell. The stem cells were then taken from this embryo-like cell and injected in another pig embryo. This is an [...]

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Cord Blood America’s Operations in China

Cord Blood America announced this week that an architectural firm has been retained for the new, 200,000 square foot umbilical cord blood processing and storage facility in China. CBAI has signed a License and Cooperation with AXM Pharma, Inc., a global pharmaceutical company with a major presence in the Chinese pharmaceutical market for more than [...]

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