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Vatican Donating 2.7 Million To Stem Cell Research

In a surprising move, The Vatican has announced that it will finance new research into the possible uses of adult stem cells for the treatment of a variety of diseases. Project officials said last week that the Vatican has agreed to donate approximately $2.7 million to the research, which is led by the University of [...]

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Jawbone Grown From Stem Cells at Columbia

A stem cell research team at Columbia University have successfully grown a jawbone using human stem cells. This development could totally alter bone implants and eliminate the very painful process of bone grafts. The team at Columbia was headed by Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic, and her researchers replicated a 3-D scaffolding of bones using digital images of [...]

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Canadian Cord Blood Bank Puts Families First

In 2004, Insception partnered with the Toronto Cord Blood Program, Canada’s longest-running cord blood bank. The bank had previously only worked with Mount Sinai and saw the partnership with Insception as an opportunity to enhance their program. Today, Insception and the Toronto Cord Blood Program banks over 32 000 samples of cord blood. With the [...]

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Cord Blood America Providing Placentas for Transplants

Cord Blood America, the umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company announced today that it has signed a Definitive Supplier Agreement with an accredited tissue bank which provides placenta collection services for therapeutic transplantation. There has been mounting research showing that there are a lot of viable stem cells in the placenta and they can [...]

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Cord Blood Banks In New York State

The list below shows hospitals that actively collect cord blood for public cord blood banks that are part of the National Marrow Donor Program Network of banks in New York State. Maimonides Medical Center Brooklyn, NY Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation, Inc. (561) 982-2900 North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health Systems Manhasset, NY New [...]

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60% of Donors Would Donate Unused Embryos for Stem Cell Research

About 50% the patients being treated at U.S. fertility clinics say they’d be willing to donate their unused embryos for stem cell research, according to a survey by the journal Science. This would mean that up to ten times as many embryos would be available for research than previously estimated, should U.S. legislators ever permit [...]

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Stem Cells Could Provide New Skin To Burn Victims

Research as begun at a lab in Australia to create complete skin for transplant which could change the lives of people with serious burn injuries, said a spokesperson for the Sydney Burns Foundation. Burns victims are currently treated with skin grafts or with sheets of skin grown using their skin cells. Unfortunately the current process [...]

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