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Scientists Can Grow Bacon From Stem Cells

Well, at least they are headed in that direction. To make meat production more humane, and to help slow global warming due to livestock over-farming, scientists from Denmark have developed a way to grow edible meat in the lab, from the stem cells of pigs. The petrie dish meat doesn’t yet taste or look very [...]

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LifeShare Blood Centers Promoting Cord Blood Collection

LifeShare Blood Centers will continue promoting a cord blood bank pilot program and step up efforts to register bone marrow donors this year. LifeShare partnered with Women’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, where 14% of all Louisiana babies are born, in 2008 for the pilot program. Umbilical cords contain stem cells that can be used in [...]

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Embryo Ruling Good For Stem Cell Research

A ruling from the Irish Supreme Court has reignited that country’s debate over the legal status of human embryos, confirming the legality of research with human embryonic stem cells but leaving such work in a regulatory limbo that may not be resolved soon. On 15 December, the court ruled that human embryos outside the womb [...]

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