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Full List Of Public Cord Blood Banks In The U.S.

Ashley Ross Cord Blood Program of the San Diego Blood Bank COLLECTS FOR: Transplants COLLECTS FROM: INTERNET: PHONE: (619) 296-6393 extension 8327 STORAGE: San Diego, CA TRANSPLANT REGISTRIES: BMDW, NMDP Bonfils Cord Blood Services Belle Bonfils Memorial Blood Center COLLECTS FOR: Transplants COLLECTS FROM: INTERNET: PHONE: STORAGE: Denver, CO TRANSPLANT REGISTRIES: BMDW, NMDP [...]

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Stem Cell Treatments in Costa Rica

More and more people from the US and Europe are undergoing stem cell treatment in Costa Rica for a number of medical issues. Costa Rican doctors say they are providing these medical tourists with stem cell treatments. Scientists in the U.S. are saying that Costa Rica is offering false hope by using techniques that have [...]

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Cord Blood Transplant Effective in Stroke Treatment

Umbilical cord blood transplants have shown good results in the treatment of strokes, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries, according to trials conducted on animals recently by the Chi Mei Medical Center in Tainan County. This would indicate that umbilical cord blood transplants may have even broader applications than they are now known for. Chen [...]

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Scientists Turn Cord Blood Cells into Stem Cells

Researchers at the Salk Institute have released a statement that says they’ve reprogrammed cord blood cells to make them extremely similar to embryonic stem cells. Stem cells can potentially become any tissue in the body, and embryonic stem cells are controversial because you have to utilize embryos to get them. Using reprogrammed adult stem cells [...]

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