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Stem Cell Treatment Cures Childs Thalassemia

Several months ago an eight-year-old girl underwent surgery to receive the cord blood stem cell of her younger sister. The child was suffering from thalassemia, a disorder that affects red blood corpuscles. A thalassemia patient might require blood transfusion as frequently as once every week, a disorder which is often fatal in children. Less than [...]

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Suze Orman Encourages Cord Blood Banking

The personal finance expert Suze Orman, who found fame on Oprah, recently addressed the importance of making cord blood banking a priority. Her show features a segment called “Can I Afford It?” in which she takes calls from viewers and provides candid financial advice on the air. An expectant mom called in for advice as [...]

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Cord Blood America Lab Opening in October

The Santa Monica, California-based company, Cord Blood America, has begun construction on a $500,000 laboratory to process umbilical cord blood collected at a baby’s birth and then store it at extremely cold temperatures. The lab, located in a business park, is on track for an October completion but will not go into operation until it [...]

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Can I Earn Money By Donating Umbilical Cord Blood?

Cord blood banking is an excellent way to save the blood from the umbilical cord to save lives. It is not a way to make money. It is just like giving blood to the Red Cross to help save lives. You do it to help others not to make money and profit from others misfortunes. [...]

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Ohio Cord Blood Center Gets International Accreditation

Cleveland Cord Blood Center has gained accreditation from the Foundation for Accreditation of Cellular Therapy for complying with international standards for umbilical cord blood collection, processing, testing, banking, selection and release. This endorsement will allow the center to list its store of cord blood on a U.S. and international registry for use around the world. [...]

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China Cord Blood Files Initial Public Offering

Chinese umbilical cord blood bank, China Cord Blood Corp. hopes to raise $15 million in an initial public offering, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission last week. China Cord Blood Corp. has not yet listed how many shares it is offering. It expects to be listed under the “CCBB” symbol on [...]

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NY Invests Over $20M In Stem Cell Research

New York State is going to commit to invest $20.4 million in stem cell research. New York state Health Commissioner Richard Daines, who is also the chair of the Empire State Stem Cell Board, said the funding would “ensure the best and the brightest new stem cell investigators conduct their research in New York state.” [...]

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